Lynsey James

Lynsey James graduated from Cheltenham School of Fine Art.

Artist statement:

I am a British/Australian Fine Artist working in photography, Zen drawing, painting, collage and hand printed monotypes. I use this visual language to create a range of artistic impressions in response to the sublimity of the natural environment found in remote areas of the British Isles.

Focussing principally on interpreting landform, geology and coastal morphology which evokes an emotional response that succeeds simultaneously in creating a sense of being in the moment whilst also awakening a primal memory corresponding to the Spirit of Place or Genius Loci.

Barrenness of rock, fragility of soft earth and fluidity of sea are illustrated in abstract form using various media including paint, ink and mineral pigments whilst methodologies include creating layered, gestural representations of my sensual response to shape, texture, colour, sound and smell.

My hand printed monotypes are created on a range of materials from artist paper to calico and muslin fabric. They are layered and tactile responding to the form, textures and palette of rock surfaces often found at the point where land meets sea. Abstracted from their original source they signify an imitation of the land contours themselves.

Sublime landscapes in the natural world can evoke a special attachment or bond to place as well as ancestral memory. It is here that I often feel completely in tune with the surroundings, as if returning home to familiar energies and aim to capture those subtle qualities in ethereal representations of landform and sea.

LLansteffan is a coastal village situated on the Tywi Estuary in Carmarthenshire, Wales. It is an unspoilt, beautiful place that has attracted many artists and writers over the years including Dylan Thomas who spent much time here. The view across the estuary to Ferryside is wonderful at any time but particularly at night when the lights of Ferryside are twinkling on the estuary water. Overlooking Llansteffan beach sits the ruins of Llansteffan Castle, famously painted by J.M.W. Turner and numerous artists since.
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ORS III by Lynsey James