Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor was born in Leicester in 1960.

He attended Loughborough College of Art in 1978 - 1979 and then Trent Polytechnic from 1981 to 1984.

Colin Taylor is fascinated by ‘landscape’. Why it looks the way it does, how it’s been used and shaped by the community who live there and by those who visit it. He is equally interested in both the natural and built environments and how personal experience might be represented within a single visual image.

With a couple of friends he set up one of the first indoor climbing centres in the North West, which still operates today. He has climbed throughout the UK, and in South America, Asia and Europe. This experience continues to influence his work.

Selected exhibitions

Contemporary Six Gallery, Manchester

Susan Calloway Fine Art, Washington DC, USA
Sol Art, Dublin
Hicks Gallery, London
Galerie Orenda, Paris, France.

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Haweswater by Colin Taylor