Jane Charles Glass

24th February 2016

We are delighted to have a new series of glass in our Long Melford gallery by Jane Charles.

Jane was born in 1961 in Edinburgh.  In 1980 she went to the North Staffordshire Polytechnic to specialise in glass and ceramics.  Her heart was with the hot, noisy and exciting environment of the hot glass workshop.  She loved the energy of glass.  She received a BA (Hons) Multi-disciplinary Art & Design specialising in glass.  Jane was the first student representative on the British Artists in Glass Committee.

On finishing her degree Jane went to the heart of the British glass industry, Dudley in the Midlands.  Here she did a traditional course in glass making followed by 3 years working in as many studios around the country that she could.  These studios included Stuart Crystal, Strawberry Farm Glassworks, Jersey, Edinburgh Glassworks, Barry Cullen Glass, London and Anthony Stern Glass, London. This experience was invaluable to establish her own glass studio in Edinburgh in 1987.